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About us

"Sports Lining Services understand how important quality sports surfaces are to those who own and play on them, and how our work can affect your quality of sport or play."

Sports Lining Services example photographs, Tennis Courts, Running Tracks, Murrayfield Stadium, Scotland

Sports Lining Services take time to understand the needs and expectations of our clients and we are happy to visit you free of charge to discuss your requirements.

SLS understand our materials – we will only work in weather conditions which will not affect the life span of the surface, or the quality of play on that surface when it is complete. We pride ourselves on the high standard of our work and see every job as a showcase of our ability, knowledge and experience.

We also know how important safety is to those responsible for supplying and maintaining sports surfaces for others to use, as well as those who use them

Because we are a small, mobile company we can keep costs to a minimum, which makes us very, very competitive. That’s why many other large sports surfacing companies sub-contract to us. They know they can trust us to provide a very high standard of work in minimal time, as do our regular customers.

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